The Live Documentary has adopted a basic three part structure to guarantee physical and digital interactivity with the audience.
Part 1:
Narrative | Film | Music
Part 2:
Interactive Q&A
Part 3:
Digital Feedback/Polls

Part 1: Narrative | Film | Music

Film Deconstructed. A documentary is broken into its component parts with live narrative, editing and music all performed by the filmmakers from the stage.
Robert Nelson
Kim Nelson
Brent Lee

Part 2: Interactive Q&A

The content is opened to the audience as they guide the images, music and filmmakers’ comments through their spontaneous questions and comments posed in real time in the theatre.
Robert Nelson
Kim Nelson
Brent Lee

Part 3: Digital Feedback

This modular section adapts to the environment in which the Live Doc is presented. Leveraging a digital tools the audience can submit their feedback online. It enables them to compare...
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Vito Giovannetti
Svjetlana Oppen
Milos Savic

Live Doc Structure